Police Impound Cars for Sale – Where to Find Cheap Impound Cars at Police Auction?

Police impound cars for sale is practical places to consider a good-condition car for any fraction of its worth. Lots are usually a mixture of some middle-aged cars plus some newer models, most which were impounded due with a violations committed by their own drivers.

A lot of individuals who go to police online auctions like impounded vehicles since they are somewhat assured which these types of vehicles were running before they were seized through the police. Vehicles are basically removed the road by the police because of driver infractions. If you need to buy a decent car in a cheap price, police car auctions including impounded cars are a great starting point.

Police impound cars for sale – How to participate:

Very first, call your local police department to see when the auction is going to be held. Some of these impounded vehicle auctions are advertised within newspapers or posted on the web and most police auctions are done each month. If you’re buying from the registered auction houses, these hold auctions nearly every week.

You’ll need to join up to aquire your bidder amount. Only bidding coming through signed up bidders are acknowledged. While a few auctions provide free registration, most need a nominal fee.

Give yourself time for you to check the impounded automobiles, so better arrive earlier. Bring a mechanic or perhaps a friend with you that will help you inspect the vehicles if you are not confident enough. Putting in a bid usually starts at close to 10 a. m., so you will have time to go close to and inspect the lot before making your alternatives.

Bring your driver’s permit and insurance proof, in the event you need to drive the car home after winning the bid. You would be also required the temporary permit.

Bring a price guide for used-cars. This could guide you in determining your bidding numbers via trade-in value information. For those who have a wireless laptop or perhaps a PDA, run the car’s automobile identification number (VIN) through Carfax to check on its history. Remember, this can be a police impound car public sale. You’ll want to understand what exactly it is you are getting.

Advantages of police impound cars for sale

Absolutely no, impounded vehicles are not really violent criminal’s vehicles. They are basically bank repo cars seized due to a driving with license suspended or (DWLS) or perhaps a loan repayment default. Or even, they can be the home of the individuals or businesses engaged in the fraud, meaning they are either more recent models or in excellent condition.

Impound car auctions will also be a great place to locate some really good top quality cars, which would or else cost more at normal auctions.


You can’t know without a doubt how long the impounded repossessed cars happen to be sitting in storage or inside a garage without maintenance. They may be there for a 12 months without getting checked. Additionally they do not come along with any warranties.

The ‘as is actually, where is’ clause implies that what you see is that which you buy and what you purchase, is exactly what you receive. Since you can’t bring the vehicle to a mechanic or test that, you basically accept this in its present condition and cannot contain the auction house responsible for any defect many times later on. If you find away later that you bought a bit of junk, then you don’t have any one to blame however yourself.

Police impound cars for sale attract many people, not only because from the good price, but also due to the possibility of buying the good-condition, road-worthy vehicle. Actually, you could be contending with some experienced as well as professional bidders. The best way in order to survive a police car auctions impound vehicle auction is to research your options and come prepared. That knows? You could be driving using the car of your dreams when it is over.

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