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And remember, Missouri's Lemon Law does not apply to used cars. If you buy a car from a private individual, the sale is not ONLINE CAR AUCTIONS Because of wider selections and often lower prices, some consumers choose to shop for cars at online auction services such as eBay or Yahoo!

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Guam NO INFORMATION AVAILABLE N/A Lemon Law Buyback = Reacquired by manufacturer after 1-1-96. Non-Compliance Emissions = 1996 & newer passenger cars & trucks with gvwr 6,000 lbs or … Read Content.

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If there is going to be an auction, they must tell you when and where the auction will take place. State lemon laws: Lemon laws deal with cars that have been in the repair shop multiple times for the same substantial problem. Every state has its own lemon law.

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The Used Car Lemon Law provides a legal remedy for buyers or lessees of used cars that turn out to be lemons. If you buy a used car at a retail auto auction, the auction company must be a used car dealer registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles and it must provide you with your lemon law…

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Lemon Law for Used Cars Questions and Answers ! 3. Using the New York State Arbitration Program ! 18. The Used Car Lemon Law –General Business Law Others excluded are: a business selling a used car to its own employee; a regulated public utility which sells at public auction cars used in the…

Lemon Car Buyback Title Laundering, Atlanta Area Dealer
Texas requires that a "hanger" be placed on the car advising it was a lemon law buyback. One way to launder a lemon is to take it to a dealer-only auction out of state, says Rosemary Shahan, president of Sacramento-based Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety (CARS).

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Used Car Dealers Can and Will Try To Circumvent The Lemon Laws. When buyers asked the dealer about the cars' history, they were told that the cars came from auction so they had no idea. Who knows if this is the true; the buyer has no idea.

Can I return a car that was bought at an auction?
An auction sold me a lemon. I bought it for $2300 after all paper work. They claimed they did not know it was a bad car. They offered to fix it at an additional $600. Most states that have "Lemon Laws" don't have them for used cars.

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Your guide to buying a car at auction, renting a car, lemon law, lemon lawyers and car insurance. Most institutions retain the right to bid, so be aware that you may be not only be bidding against other people interested in the vehicle, but also against the auctioneer!

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FindLaw » Learn About The Law » Consumer Protection » Lemon Law » Auction Guides: Not-So-Hot Properties. Securities Lawyers. Lemon Law. Auto Dealer Fraud. Buying a Car.

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The Notice of Intent must be sent no more than 60 days after the repossession and at least 15 days prior to the auction sale. The Notice of Intent must inform you of what you need to do to redeem The Vachon Law Firm specializes in repossession, California lemon law, and car dealer fraud cases.

California's Repossession Law for Leased Cars
California law requires that, at least 10 days prior to selling your repossessed vehicle at auction, the leasing company must send you a Contact an Attorney to Discuss Your Repossessed Vehicle. The Vachon Law Firm offers free consultations in lemon law, car dealer fraud, and repossession cases.

Massachusetts' Lemon Law
How do we make sure we are buying you a good car at auction? The law applies to used cars, vans, trucks and demonstration vehicles not covered by the New Car Lemon Law, and which

Used car fraud and lemon law claims
I. new jersey used car lemon law statute. Some auction houses do not provide an odometer statement or do not provide the odometer certification as the federal regulations require.

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Used Car California Lemon Laws. "When live gives you lemons, make lemonade." Guide to Auto auctions in Louisville. Quick access to Used Cars in Los Angeles. Dealers Car Auctions: Finding sites for car dealers.

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If you have a car, truck or motorcycle, go to our General Lemon Law section. If you have a motor home, please refer to Motor Home Lemon Law pages. Online Auctions. Out of Business. Prescription Drug Prices.

Lemon law – Attorneys in California, Ohio, Illinois, Florida – all States
Lemon law legal resources – lawyers and attorneys for defective automobiles and other vehicles in California (CA), Ohio, Illinois, Florida, Texas, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, New York and all other states. By Adrian Biffen, Partner, Software For Cars.

Lemon laws – Kentucky Attorney General | New car lemon law
These laws apply to the manufacturers and not to the dealers. New cars leased after July 15, 1998 will be covered under the New Car Lemon Law. Our full automobile arbitration fact sheet provides details of these laws and how to start the arbitration process.

Lemon Law for New Cars | Nolo.com
Lemon Law for New Cars. If your car turns out to be a lemon, you may be able to get a refund or replacement vehicle. Every state has enacted some type of "lemon law" to help consumers who get stuck with these defective cars.

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There is no protection under the Lemon Law for people who bought vehicles on an 'as is' basis. Sometimes, a supplier will buy back a defective vehicle from a purchaser, fix the vehicle and sell it as a used car through a car auction.

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The lemon law for used cars only works with written warranty. For example, the balance warranty from manufacturer, extended warranty when you your own car Bumper Cars Cadillac Car Accessories Car Accidents Car Alarms Car Auctions Car Batteries Car Bill of Sale Car Brands Car Buying Car…

Lemon Law Lawyers
Arizona Lemon Law. Millions of used cars have costly hidden problems. C. The provisions of this article do not apply to a sale of a motor vehicle to a purchaser for the purpose of resale for profit or to a motor vehicle with a declared gross weight over ten thousand pounds or that is sold at a public auction.

Lemon laws protect you – Car News | CarsGuide
It's not as tough as US lemon laws, but it gives you much more protection than the maze of state and federal consumer regulations you previously had to The Australian Consumer Law applies to most goods and services, including new and used cars, except those bought at auction or private sale…

How Carfax Doesn't Protect You From Buying A Used Lemon
Car One was a Chevrolet Cobalt, and Carfax makes no mention of a lemon law buy back. The report does reveal that it was "Listed as a manufacturer vehicle Sold at auction." Should I worry?

Used Vehicle Lemon Law: Know the Norms | Lemon-Info.com
These laws differ from one state to another. There are also a few US states that do not impose any used car lemon law. During the sale of a vehicle by any dealer or seller at the time of auction, warranty of the lemon law must be provided before or during the sale.

Used-Car Lemon Laws — Edmunds.com
Used-Car Lemon Laws. How They Help Used-Car Buyers. Updated: 03/05/2013 – by Joanne Helperin, Senior Features Editor. Lemon laws protect new car buyers in every state in the nation, but it's far more common for used-car buyers to get stuck with an unreliable vehicle, or to incur repair bills that…

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One manufacturer has a practice of selling its reacquired lemons through a dealer auction, closed to the public, where cars are sold at substantially discounted prices because they are problem Kimmel & Silverman, P.C. 30 East Butler Pike Ambler, PA 19002 1-800-LEMON-LAW www.lemonlaw.com.

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In the case of motor homes, the AZ lemon law applies only to the vehicle and chassis; it does not protect the section used for habitation. Further, the statute does not protect your purchase if it weighs more than 10,000 lbs. or was purchased at a public auction. If you find your car is a lemon, you can…

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New cars Lemon Law: Vehicles that are covered, vehicle owner responsibilities, Lemon Law disputes. Used cars Warranties, title search, buying tips, emission inspection, online car auctions.

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Maine Car Auction EVENTS LIST … Auction,,worlds greatest clasic car auction,,FL expo ctr … Car show at the speeway,,big vin automobile history, USED CAR LEMON LAW – MAINE – FREE LEMON LAW RECORDS CHECK, vi decoder … vin automobile history, USED…

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